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Scenes of a corner room

This is a full renovation of a corner room in an apartment building. The owner, who spends most of the day at his office located within a walking distance, wanted a space where he can invite his colleagues once a week and have a good time together. We therefore reconfigured the irregular floor plan into an L-shaped living/dining room with three windows offering spectacular views, and a zone containing a bedroom and an entrance hall, and divided the two zones with a sliding door. In a modestly sized room, various details, columns and beams will always come into view no matter where you are, and they will have a relatively significant effect on how the spaces are used and how the areas are perceived. For this reason, our studies focused on how to mediate this situation. This mediation began by exploring possibilities of creating a cohesive whole by reusing or adapting the style of detail that was developed to solve something in other areas. But when it turned out to be too distracting or made the room feel even smaller, we went back to modify it, and repeated the process over and over. The sliding door, which is the main element, was painted in dark blue and placed as the first clue, then the electrical wiring cover placed at a 45-degree angle was painted in orange, and the edging strip made of Tsuga (Japanese hemlock) was placed to accentuate the border between the existing wall and the new wall. Using these as clues, each element was arranged based on a hypothesis, and multiple layers of design interventions including color adjustments and 45-degree cuts were made. We occasionally stopped to examine the space from all angles, and changed materials and colors.This small space is made up of details that reflect and are fine-tuned based on views from multiple viewpoints in the room.


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    Tokyo, Japan
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    55.99 sqm
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      RUI Architects
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