#502 1-6-3 nihonbashi kayabacho,
chuo-ku, tokyo 103-0025

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Hanmugi Hat

This is a store-cum-house located on the eastern edge of Awaji Island, facing Osaka Bay. The floor plan is designed in such a way that one can freely circulate around a central core containing kitchen and bathroom. The entrance is located on the south side; the living room is located on the east side; the bedroom is located on the north side; and the store is located on the west side. The main structure of the house utilizing a prefabricated steel frame greenhouse structure is finished with commonly used materials using colors in this area, including slate, fiber cement boards, corrugated galvanized steel panels, and blue green tones often used to paint warehouses and water tanks in the neighborhood in order to reconnect this house with the surrounding scenery.

This house was designed for parents of architect Rui Itasaka, and Tezzo Nishizawa Architects participated in the project as a design collaborator.




CoverMoe Kurita
  • 1–4,6–11Moe Kurita
  • 5Rui Itasaka
  • 12,13Nanako Ono