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Case of Room 907

A couple, whose child had left home and started independent life, live in this apartment and welcome visits by friends. They decided to entirely renovate the apartment built in 1980  so that they can lead a quieter and more comfortable life. They had a wide variety of possessions including cabinets, benches, chairs, books, souvenirs, paintings, sculpture, kitchen utensils and more. We appropriately grouped them together and interspersed them with the scenes of daily life in the spacious room: CDs are lined up on audio shelves next to a dining table, souvenirs from around the world are lined up on lintels with embedded upward lighting, and paintings are hung on each side of the big column in the center of the room. Groups of things respectively generate a sense of unity and create a number of small places in the room, while individual objects maintain their own uniqueness. Various pieces of furniture made of Japanese ash throughout the apartment as common elements. All the elements with different functions and different sizes including cabinets, shelves, desk, doors, lintels, bathroom mirror, and towel bars are made of Japanese ash.  Considering that objects will increase in number, mix with other objects and enrich the interior landscape in the future, this design is same as thinking about their layout.


  • Date

  • Usage

  • Type of structure

  • Location

    Tokyo, Japan
  • Client

  • Total floor area

    88.8 sqm
  • Detail design period

  • Construction period

  • Detail design

    • Produce

      Misawa A-Project
  • Collaboration

    • Construction

      Double Box
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