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Morimura Yasumasa: My Self-Portraits as a Theater of Labyrinths

The exhibition features three rooms: the “M’s Photo Corridor,” which displays about 800 instant photos that Morimura has been taking since 1985; the “Theater of Voices,” a special acoustics space for unmanned recitations; the “Square of Dreams and Memories,” where Morimura was photographed in costume; and the “Hidden Costume Closet,” where visitors can sneak a peek into his wardrobe. In response to the artist’s request for a labyrinth-like setting, we installed framed instant photos as if floating on 5m-high curtains meandering through the M’s Photo Corridor. Visitors lose their sense of direction as they walk through the gallery and see his works. They are then gradually led farther into the exhibition room, and back into the three dark rooms.


  • Date

  • Usage

  • Location

    Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, Kyoto
  • Client

    Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
  • Total floor area

  • Basic design period

  • Collaboration

    • Graphic design

      Daishiro Mori
    • Square for Dreams and Memories(Room 1)

      Kishimoto Yasushi (Technical Support)
    • Theater of Voices(Room 2)

      • Ago Satoshi (Director)
      • Nakagawa Yuki (Music)
      • Araki Masamitsu, Koda Toru (Sound Design)
      • Konishi Kotaro (Video and System Programming)
      • Yoshimoto Yukiko (Lightning)
      • Kobayashi Yuhi (Stage Manager)
      • Natsume Masaya (Technical Director)
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  • 1–14Miyoshi Fumitaka