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Gift, Gift,

We, the design team of the Hachinohe Art Museum, designed the venue for the “Gift, Gift,” exhibition commemorating its opening. Given that this was the museum’s first exhibition and that it was a group show of several artists, we thought that the first priority was to fully demonstrate the unique qualities of each artist, and promote the new building to people. We organized the exhibition in a way that visitors can experience the entire museum and the exhibition at the same time by assigning areas outside the regular galleries as exhibition spaces under each artist’s work plan. It was an opportunity for visitors to get to know how the building is structured. Curators, volunteer staff, and those who will be working in the building were able to learn how to use the building through this experience. For us, the design team, it was an invaluable opportunity to understand the gap between planning and actual operation. 


  • Date

  • Usage

  • Location

    Hachinohe Art Museum, Aomori
  • Client

    Hachinohe Art Museum
  • Total floor area

  • Basic design period

  • Collaboration

    • Co-Architect

      • Print & Build ( Formerly Takaban Studio )
      • Junpei Mori
    • Graphic design

    • Construction

      Aomori Studio Inc.
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