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TOKYO 2021
TOKYO 2021

 “TOKYO 2021” was an exhibition and workshop held on the first floor of the Toda Corporation headquarters building immediately before it was demolished for reconstruction. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics presented opportunities for a large-scale urban clearance and massive infrastructure construction in the context of Japan’s rapid economic growth. While still embracing various contradictions of a giant city that have been continuing since then, we are facing large-scale developments for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics today. In addition, we have not yet been able to transcend the history of recurring celebrations and disasters. The exhibition is an opportunity to show the power of imagination and expression that art and architecture exert in this context. The venue, originally subdivided into spaces for various purposes including a culture center, conference room for rent, salon, Japanese-style room and so on, was converted to an exhibition and workshop space through the process of demolition by “subtraction” in which we examined each element and removed the ones we considered unnecessary. What took place here was a small-scale demolition in preparation for the demolition of the headquarters building, and an event to promote its regeneration.

「TOKYO 2021」は、戸田建設本社ビルの建替えを機に、解体前の1階スペースで行われた展覧会とワークショップ。1964年の東京オリンピックは、高度経済成長を背景に大規模な都市クリアランスと巨大インフラ建設の契機となったが、以後続くことになる巨大都市の矛盾を抱えたまま、私たちは2020年東京オリンピックの大規模開発を迎えることとなった。そしてその間繰り返される祝祭と災害の歴史をもまた、私たちはいまだ乗り越えられてはいない。本展は、そうしたなかで営まれる芸術と建築の想像力と表現を示す場となる。カルチャーセンター、貸し会議室、サロン、和室などに間仕切られた会場を、展示空間とワークショップスペースのための空間へ都度要不要の判断をしながら、いわば引き算の解体を行った。ここで行われたことは、本社ビル解体(巨大開発)へ向けての小さな解体と、再生のためのイベントであった。

  • Date

  • Location

    Toda Building, Tokyo
  • Client

  • Total floor area

    665 sqm (SiteA), 366 sqm (SiteB)
  • Collaboration

    • Programming

      Akira Fujimoto
    • Planning Advisor

      Yuko Nagayama
    • Organizer

    • Direction

      TOKYO 2021 Execution Committee
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