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The Window: A Journey of Art and Architecture Through Windows

In this exhibition consisting of fourteen chapters (thirteen in the exhibition hall) on “windows” from various angles, we were asked to divide the rooms into smaller rooms to accommodate respective chapters. We needed to make three different studies as follows: First, we needed to study how to plan a continuous viewing sequence while moving respective rooms like fifteen pieces of a puzzle. Second, we needed to study how the display of artworks on the limited wall would determine the quality of small spaces by the  balance of the spatial qualities of small spaces and the power of artworks, and how this balance would influence the viewing sequence. Third, we needed to study how to lay out artworks created using different means of expressions including architecture, painting, film, photography, installation and more, as well as how to visually connnect these artworks to artworks displayed in the next room. We can say that these studies is the same as the very process of designing architecture. If the “window” is a medium of physical and imaginative exchange between two realms and the most primitive device upon the birth of architecture, we thought that the story about “windows,” or this exhibition, should reveal possibilities of architecture.


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    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Window Research Institute
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CoverKeizou Kioku
  • 1–12Keizo Kioku