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Table for ”On the Road”

This display furniture was designed for the “On the Road” exhibition held in 2011. The design requirement was to design a display case to display two books side by side, namely “Every Building on the Sunset Strip” by Ed Ruscha and “Album: Eight Blocks of Ginza (Ginza Haccho)” by Shohachi Kimura. Both books have accordion-folded pages which measure 7.5m and 5.4m respectively when extended, and the furniture should be assembled and disassembled easily for future uses. Five sets of 1650mm-long table made of basswood plywood are connected and acrylic panels are installed on top to make an 8m-long display case. Each table is composed of parts cut out from 24-mm thick basswood plywood boards. The tables are assembled by inserting legs into mortises in the countertop, and assembling side panels around the countertop so that the exposed edges of plywood parts appear around the countertop. Lastly, wedges are inserted to stabilize the countertop, legs, and side panels.


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    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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      neufurniture works


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