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Love Love Show

I was invited to participate in this show as an exhibitor along with Hisashi Houjin with whom I worked on the design of the Aomori Museum of Art as staff members at Jun Aoki Associates. We were asked to make an artwork that also serves as a signage guiding visitors to the shuttle bus (connecting the museum and the Towada Art Center, the co-organizer of the exhibition) parking area. Our approach to this, therefore, was to treat the project, which required architectural intervention four years after the completion, as a small-scale renovation mainly focusing on the signage plan. We installed two mirrors at both ends of an exterior corridor long in the east-west direction to create a new spatial experience that transforms the building and nullifies the distance between two areas.


  • Date

  • Usage

  • Location

    Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori
  • Client

    Aomori Museum of Art
  • Detail design

    • Co-Architect

      Hisashi Hojin


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