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Little Chair

These chairs for viewing videos were made for the “Waiting for Video” exhibition held in 2009. In order to make forty pieces of chairs at low cost, we designed the chair in such a way that three sets of five parts to assemble a chair can be cut out from a 910mm x 1820mm lauan plywood board. Considering that some of the video monitors are placed on the floor while the others are placed on display furniture, the seat height of the chairs is set slightly lower than average. Viewers can easily move these small and lightweight chairs as they wish so that they can watch the video works from appropriate angles. The angles of front legs and back legs are adjusted to create various impressions and movements when seen from different angles. After the exhibition was over, these chairs were continued to be used in the museum on various occasions including Koki Tanaka’s work entitled “A Project, Seven Boxes and Movements at the Museum” (2012-13).


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    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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      neufurniture works


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