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BABA Noboru Exhibit “The Eleven Cats” Come to the Museum Nyago! Nyago! Nyago!
馬場のぼる展 "11 ぴきのねこ"がやってくる ニャゴ!ニャゴ!ニャゴ!

Original drawings, books, and other materials by cartoonist and picture book artist BABA Noboru were displayed in scale with the size of respective rooms. Original drawings of manga were displayed in the first room. In the second room, visitors were allowed to read reproductions of comics suspended from the ceiling at will. We designed a custom-made furniture to display original drawings in the third room onward. Display tables, benches, and chairs made with utmost precision and placed throughout the Aomori Museum of Art, created a balance between art works and spaces composed of white walls and brown earth walls.


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    Aomori Museum of Art
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      Aomori Studio Inc.
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CoverAkira Misawa
  • 1–12Akira Misawa