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The National Museum of Art, Tokyo, Entrance Hall Renewal

Forty years after the completion of the building, the first floor and lobbies on upper floors were filled with a number of retrofitted signs and notices posted all over the place. In this situation, it was difficult to know which information is necessary and what to look for to get the information one needs, and in turn undermines their function as signs. Multilingual support for rapidly increasing foreign tourists was also newly required. In addition, the design of equipment purchased as needed, including sign stands, ticket racks, a counter to fill out questionnaires and so on varied. Furthermore, the fact that the entrance to the special exhibition room on the first floor and the elevator entrance to get to collection exhibitions on upper floors share the same hall and that the general information counter penetrated into the hall caused confusion in the flow of visitors and ticket collecting. In order to improve this situation, we first removed unnecessary signs after close inspection, and made sign stands which information can be updated by replacing signs made of laminated A4-size paper as well as digital signage in four languages. Then, we placed an oblong flier counter at the center of the hall where the entrance for the special exhibition and the entrance to the elevator hall are located in such a way that visitors can pick up fliers there while it divides the flow of visitors in two directions. Lastly, the reception counter was rearranged to face the lobby and the space was reorganized in such a way that the reception clerks’ eyes and visitors’ eyes do not meet directly.


  • Date

  • Usage

  • Location

    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • Client

    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • Total floor area

    345 spm
  • Detail design period

  • Basic design

    • Co-Architect

      Kei Machida
  • Collaboration

    • Programming

      Taichi Sunayama
    • Production

      neufurniture works
  • Publication and Link

    • 10+1
    • Bijutsutecho / 美術手帖 06.2012
    • Newsletter of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / 現代の眼 597


  • 1,2Yutaro Tomii
  • 3–11Tezzo Nishizawa Architects