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Windowology: New Architectural Views from Japan
窓学 窓は文明であり、文化である

This exhibition, a reconfigured version of the original exhibition “Windowlogy 10th Anniversary Exhibition: The World Through the Window” at Spiral in Tokyo in 2017, is designed for traveling exhibitions abroad. The traveling exhibition, originally planned to start from London in the spring of 2020, was postponed due to the spread of COVID-19 and has been rescheduled to start from a venue in Los Angeles. This time, new contents including a mockup of Yousui-Tei Teahouse, blown up to a 1:1 scale from the original “okoshi-ezu” or fold-up three-dimensional model using drawings including a floor plan, elevations, and a roof plan, a model of the house of “Sazae-san,” a Japanese manga/ animated television series, a time-lapse animation of window movements, photographs by photographer Jérémie Souteyrat, an installation by Michiko Tsuda among others have been added. As part of thorough measures against COVID-19, exhibits are placed along a visitor circulation route drawn with a single stroke, and floor signs are installed accordingly. 

本展覧会は、スパイラルで開催された「窓学10周年記念 窓学展 : 窓から見える世界」展(2017年、東京)をベースに海外展用に再構成したものとなる。当初2020年春のロンドンからの予定であったがCOVID-19によって延期となり、ロサンジェルス会場からのスタートとなった。今回は起し絵図から1/1スケールに拡大した茶室「擁翠亭」をはじめ、「サザエさん」、窓の動きのコマ撮りアニメーション、写真家ジェレミ・ステラの写真、津田道子のインスタレーションを新しいコンテンツとして加えた。それらをCOVID-19対策として一筆書きの動線上に配置し、床サインを設置するなどの細かな処理を施している。

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  • Location

    JAPAN HOUSE Los Angels
  • Client

    Window Research Institute / JAPAN HOUSE Los Angels
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  • Collaboration

    • Exhibition Director

      Taro Igarashi
    • Project Manager

      Yoh Komiyama
    • Exhibition Assistant

      Naomi Shibata
    • Graphic design

      Ken Okamoto Design Office Inc.
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