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Mishima project

This project consists of a group of buildings including a pediatric clinic, a doctor’s residence, an annexed nursery school, an orthopedic clinic, and a pharmacy. The nursery school and the pediatric clinic complement each other. By including an orthopedic clinic which expect to receive a large number of elderly patients, this project aims to solve various issues including the declining birthrate, community healthcare, poor treatment of those working in the medical profession among others. On the other hand, the residence, clinics, nursery school, and pharmacy cannot be built on the same site. It is therefore necessary to simultaneously think about how to divide the site into three intertwined sites and how to place the buildings in a dispersed manner. Circulation routes of children, patients, staff, shuttle buses, goods delivery, parking lots etc. are closely interrelated. The building placement to ensure sufficient sunlight and ventilation created outdoor spaces including the playground, vegetable garden, salon space among others as a result. These things constitute an organic whole without any hierarchical relationship among one another.


  • Date

  • Usage

    Clinic, Pharmacy, Nursery, Residence
  • Location

    Shizuoka, Japan
  • Client

  • Site area

    4,162 sqm
  • Building area

    783 sqm
  • Total floor area

    1,874 sqm
  • Basic design period

  • Basic design

    • Co-Architect

      Misawa A-project


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