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Materializing Exhibition Ⅱ : WHEN SITUATIONS BECOME FORM
マテリアライジング展Ⅱ 情報と物質とそのあいだ : 状況が形になるとき

This work created for the exhibition aimed to explore information, materials, and their surroundings from various perspectives. Three-dimensional lazer scanners work by emitting and reflecting lazer beamsapproximatelya million times per second, andby collecting point cluster data of the coordinates and colors of the surface hit by the lazer beam. When the point cluster data is analyzed and generated in a computer as a three-dimensional model, it makes it possible for us to view the space from any viewpoint. This work is a record of conditions and in the exhibition room  after the gallery closed on July 19, 2014, the first day of the exhibition using three-dimensional laser scanning. In other words, this work is a digitally recorded data of the exhibition space in which it was not exhibited, and the record of the work itself was not contained when it was later exhibited in the designated place. 


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    Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
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    Organizing Committee for Materializing Exhibition


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