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Art As It Is: Expression from the Obscure

This exhibition of outsider art features artists and their expressions created freely according to their own creative impulses without adherence to art traditions and regardless of their educational backgrounds or statuses of disability. The venue at the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts consists of two exhibition rooms, both with a ceiling height of 5.0 m. The first exhibition room is a boxlike space with a rectangular floor plan, and the second exhibition space is a irregularly-shaped space with a partial drop ceiling and thick round columns. The artworks were sorted into both rooms based on the size and the form of expression. In the first exhibition room, two boxes 3.6m-high were placed and larger artworks were displayed inside and outside the boxes. In the second room, movable walls were used to support a roof installed at a height of 2.5m to create a smaller space with an intimate atmosphere and display delicate artworks there. While each exhibition room uses a different method of segmentation, both are designed to create a sense of unity in the exhibition space by allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artworks one by one while offering them a glimpse of other artworks at the same time.


  • Date

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  • Location

    The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
  • Client

    The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts / NHK
  • Total floor area

    659 sqm
  • Detail design period

  • Collaboration

    • Lighting consultant

    • Graphic design

      Yoichiro Uchiyama
    • Construction

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CoverAnna Nagai
  • 1–11Anna Nagai